This has been the worst fucking summer ever. It been long, a struggle and abysmal employment wise. So many jobs applied for, and nothing. Its worrying.

I just hope this next year, my lecturing takes off.

"Poll shows Labour Supporters are being won over by yes campaign."
Todays Herald front page. (18/07/2014)

"Poll shows Labour Supporters are being won over by yes campaign."

Todays Herald front page. (18/07/2014)

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Anonymous said: Whats your opinion on the polls in terms of the referendum? Its not looking good for yes is it?

Polls are fickle things, that can change dramatically the day before a vote.

But the official polling is certainly not reflecting the massive shift towards support for Independence. There has been snapshot polling of support for a yes or no on social media for example. The yes side has dominated social media polling, the last result I saw, taken from twitter and facebook, had the yes side in the high 70s %. There was also a channel 4 poll on their website when the currency was the hot topic of the day. When I logged onto to answer the questions in the poll, over 10,000 people had already taken it, Support for independence was sitting at 81% in that poll. These are just some small examples of huge leads for yes.

But where you see the most striking shift, is when you are campaigning on the streets and canvassing the doorsteps. We always tally our results after we have canvassed an area, then calculate it into a percentage. In the last 8 canvassing sessions I have been involved in, we found that support for independence came out on top. The area where I live, a year ago support for independence was really low, at about 27%. Last month however, support was at 53%, a phenomenal swing in just under a year.

Also we cannot forget the town hall debates. I have been to about 15 debates all around the country in the last 4 months. At the beginning of every one of them, support for the Union was top. Once the debate had concluded, and the audience are then asked where they stand now that they have heard the arguments, support for a yes comes out on top, usually with phenomenal double digit swings.

Recently aswell, there is a credible source that revealed a whistle blower at IPSOS MORI, the polling company contracted by the UK government to conduct extensive polling on how people will vote. Clearly they were hoping the results were in their favour, so they could embarrass the yes side and the SNP in particular. However, to date, they have refused to publish this poll. Well this whistle blower stated that the reason they will not publish it is because 80% of the undecided voters in the poll, said they would probably vote yes if the referendum was tomorrow. This would give yes, combined with their average polling percentage, a massive victory.

On the streets and in the town halls, you really feel the momentum towards a yes, but this isn’t showing in these polls, usually of about 1000 people, being conducted by the major polling companies. Why? I really don’t know. Too few people being polled? The right questions not being asked? I mean who knows, its hard to form a hypothesis.

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Israeli troops are now entering Gaza for a ground offensive.

Clearly Israel is not content with the death and destruction it has caused from its bombing campaign.

How many more Palestinian children will be murdered in the name of ‘defence?’

Enough already.

Christ, got so many messages about indy Scotland.

Those who sent a message I will try and answer as soon as possible.

Anonymous said: Please tell me why us in England have to put up with a currency union with Scotland? You will leave the pound, and when you screw up we will have to bail out your banks, again!!

Well first off, not everybody in the yes movement wants a currency union. I personally am pretty luke warm to the idea. I would rather it was for a short time as we established an independent currency, pegged to the value of sterling.

Currency union is in everybody’s interest. it will maintain economic stability and businesses operating in England and vice versa will not have to pay huge transaction costs. I’ve done the currency issue many times, and I’m bored going over it now. But I will make just a couple more points.

If there is no currency union, then Scotland will not take on a share of the UK national debt. This isn’t blackmail, this is legal fact. Under international law, if the UK declares itself the successor state, with full control of the assets of the UK, then it automatically becomes responsible for the liabilities of those assets, like the 1.3 trillion pound national debt. Now a UK government that allows such a situation to occur, is absolutely bonkers. Why would it allow the richest area of the uk outside of London, to go debt free, and then allow the rUK to shoulder the massive national debt?

A currency union will happen, as sensible politics will replace bluffing rhetoric. Also you can’t stop us using sterling, it is a fully tradable currency, any nation can adopt it as there currency. Former territories of the British Empire, after their independence,retained sterling as their currencies and survived fairly well. Look at New Zealand, look at Canada, look at Australia etc.

Lastly, the bank thing again. I am sick to death of banks that collapsed during the financial crash being labelled as Scottish, yet when they were successful financial powerhouses, they are UK banks. 90% of RBS’ financial activity was conducted from the city of London, therefore making it the responsibility of the Westminster government. But it was the American and Australian taxpayers that shouldered the main portion of the bailout to the tune of hundreds of billions of pounds. The Scottish portion of the bank bailout was some 69bn in 2008, Scottish GDP in that year was 145bn. If Scotland could generate that amount of GDP with its economic arms tied behind its back by London, then I have every confidence that we would have managed to contain any economic crisis.

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Better Together’s new video featuring z list and has been celebrities, telling us to stay in the UK, is the most god awful, cringing, wooden nonsense my eyes have ever had the misfortune of looking upon. 

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By the way, newly appointed treasury minister Priti Patel has long wanted to slash the Scottish budget.

More to look forward to if we vote No!

She also wants the death penalty reinstated, Because we need another right wing lunatic in Government.

Oh god seriously, there’s more bad news about the cabinet reshuffle? Fuck sake.

Mate, the reshuffle has kicked out the moderates for the hard right of the Tories, its Thatcherism x10. We have much to look forward to if we vote no in 10 weeks and they get back into Government next year (which is looking very likely).

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By the way, newly appointed treasury minister Priti Patel has long wanted to slash the Scottish budget.

More to look forward to if we vote No!

She also wants the death penalty reinstated, Because we need another right wing lunatic in Government.

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Anonymous said: Still won't happen. You SNP fascasits can't say if we will be controlled from Europe, if we'll be in. Vote UKIP!

The SNP has set out their terms very clearly. The fault lies with the UK Government. They could have went with the Scottish Government to the EU commission jointly to ask what would the legal position be, what is in place to allow Scotland to become a member, what will the costs be, negotiated positions etc. But because the UK will not pre-negotiate, we can not get this information, which is deeply irresponsible on the UK Gov’s part.

"Vote UKIP." We’ll just leave it that.

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kingofthetroubledteens - Pretty Standard from Bitter Together, they hope people don’t notice that their lies have been contradicted.

Anonymous said: Well, you fascist separatist. how it feel to hear Juncker say there will be a pause to EU membership? You SNP faggots are totally shafted now.

Well, sorry to burst your triumphant bubble there my BritNat friend.

Juncker’s speech made absolutely no mention of Scotland or its potential membership of the EU as an independent nation. In fact, Juncker’s spokewoman just a couple of hours ago mentioned that Scotland was not mentioned at all, and that Scotland’s situation was entirely different.


What Juncker was actually talking about, was pausing further EU expansion into Eastern Europe, particularly the former satellite states of the Soviet Union. Which is a fairly pragmatic approach, given the tensions with Russia at the moment.

Nice try though pal.

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