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Blade Runner (1982) - Ridley Scott - Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young

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Anonymous said: Your girlfriends blog is amazing what do you think of it?

Lois, fuck off.

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Anonymous said: What's your thoughts on the monarchy being retained in an Independent Scotland?

Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous.

It has absolutely no relevance to a modern 21st century state. A complete waste of money and totally undemocratic. How can we enter the world with this decrepit relic still wheezing on your backs, and think anybody would take us seriously?

Lets vote Yes, then send them packing and declare the independent republic of Scotland.

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The Scottish team commonwealth games outfit is fucking hideous.

Sorry to ruin the mood, but its awful.

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John Barrowman. Just fuck off.


This is true art right here.

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It’s the referendum in less than two months time.

Can’t wait for the mother of all hangovers on the 20th September, after we win.

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